Among 50: BATMAN - Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice - Hot Toys. Promotion Check


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NOTE: Available approximately 31.07.2016.

Preorder limit date: 18.01.2016

Figures Hot Toys 1/6 scale 31cm:

- BATMAN - Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice - Hot Toys

Original manufactured by HOT TOYS.

NOTE: Review the information below on the "AmongaFew Promotion Checks" and the benefits it can get to offer.

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IsnotaToy ofrece pago seguro
IsnotaToy ofrece pago seguro

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By purchasing this "Promotion Check" You get a discount code by the same value when buying any product category "For Sale" web store.

You will have the opportunity to get the linked object of promotion! You will participate in product promotion with other participants more. You will be assigned various digit numbers between 00 and 99. This amount depends on the type of promotion

- If it is among 10: then 10 numbers by check.

- If it is among 25: then 4 numbers by check.

- If it is among 50: then 2 numbers by check.

- If it is among 100: then 1 number by check.

If you buy multiple checks for the same product have more numbers and increase your chances.

These numbers will be mailed once payment is confirmed. Later, when some participants have joined, another dons mail will be sent the date on which the promotional event will take place will be indicated (usually within a week and a maximum of 20 days). Spread the word and encourage your friends to participate. It need not be the same promotion, all participants joined together promotions.

If the number formed by the last two digits obtained in the number of ONCE in Spain the day indicated for the event matches any of your numbers linked to that promotion, then ... your check for the product is exchanged directly! You have many possibilities!

Also, if you do not get the product you can always use the value of the check as a discount when purchased at the online store. Promotional checks are non-refundable once purchased but are valid for several days to use in buying any of the products of category "For Sale". You are not obliged to use them and after that time expire and lose their value.

In the web section "normative" You can read more of everything.

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